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Access the DOOH Networks

DOOHDA allows you to target and show your ads on any screen connected in Pay per View (PPV) mode or in Sponsored mode on MARKETPLACE sites.

  • Use predefined formats for your ads that fit any size screens.
  • Insert your media in jpg, gif, youtube format.
  • Create a QRcode directly, for interaction with the audience.
  • Control the target audience by configuring the geographic area and the desired categories.

    DOOHDA also allows you to send your ads in flyer format to roaming prospects, according to criteria such as:

  • Perimeter (distance) defined from the GPS point of your business.
  • Categories, sex and age of your target audience.

    Anyone who has downloaded the application and meets your criteria will receive your message when they are in your broadcast area..

    You set the rate you are willing to pay for your ads and your daily budget. You can set the rates according to your choice or rely on the best minimum rate suggested by the system.

    Our system gives you the flexibility to regulate the views on your ads, but also to pause and resume them at any time.

    Track your ad performance using our advanced reports for different time periods.They provide information about your top performing keywords, as well as geographical locations..

    • Create Text Or Banner Ads

    • Keyword & Geographic Targeting

    • Increase In Leads

    Your account is debited each day based on the number of valid broadcast views (PPV), at the price you set, or at the end of the exclusive sponsored period (MARKETPLACE) at the price set by the publisher.

    The number of views are recorded by the platform. DOOHDA provides a highly profitable advertising solution that ensures that your ad will only be billed if it has actually been broadcast.

    The DOOHDA platform is equipped with highly sophisticated monitoring mechanisms that detect and prevent fraud attempts. We have made this our top priority, to ensure that you have an advertising system you can trust.

    DOOHDA offers several payment options for your ad account. You can make payments directly with Paypal or by bank transfer. The history of your transactions can be accessed at any time from your account.

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